Water Pipe Break Restoration in San Francisco, CA

A broken water pipe is a nightmare for every house owner. Water pipes can break or burst for several reasons, over time the pipe may have corroded and weakened or low temperature might have frozen the water inside the pipe, causing it to expand and burst.

A broken pipe can spill gallons of water within minutes and flood your home, and if not restored properly, it can ruin your furniture, floorings, and drywalls. At Lyon Restoration, our team is experienced to clean up standing water and restore the contents of your home in the most efficient way.

Our service area includes but is not limited to South San Francisco and all around South Mateo County. So if you reside in AthertonBelmontCupertinoDaly City or surrounding cities just call us.

Damaged Pipe Restoration by Lyon Restoration

When you hire us, we start by assessing the damage done by the broken pipe. Flood or standing water coming from a burst pipe can be contaminated and harmful, so we make sure all of the dirty water is pumped out of your home. Then we move on to restore contents like drenched carpets, rugs, or other items that can be saved. Lastly, by using our state-of-the-art dehumidifiers we make sure every corner of your property is moisture-free.

Signs of a Weakened Pipe

While some pipes might break without any warning, others often show certain signs of weakness,

  • Pools of water near the sink
  • Dark greenish stains in floors or walls
  • Pipes making clanging noises
  • Unstable water pressure
  • Unclean water giving off odors
  • Growth of mold and fungus

If you notice these signs, contacting a professional can prevent the pipe to break and save not only the contents of your home but the future bills as well. Our team is IIRC certified and licensed, and we make sure our customers are fully satisfied with our service.

So contact us if you have a broken or corroded pipe.

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