Fire Prevention Tips for San Francisco Properties

Fire prevention protocol is essential for both commercial and residential spaces. Every year $7 billion in property damage occurs as a result of fire disasters. The unfortunate part is, a bit more cautiousness might have prevented all these accidents. Fire can start from a loose wire connection, unattended cooking, or even a cigarette that has not been properly put off. Although it is not easy to prevent an a

How to Prevent a Possible Fire?

  • Invest in smoke alarms. Also, make sure all the smoke alarms in your home are functioning well at all times.
  • If you are smoking in the house, make sure it is put off properly.
  • Never leave the kitchen attended during cooking.
  • Get your electronic wires professionally checked once in a while.
  • Keep fire extinguishers on every floor.
  • Have a detailed escape plan in case of accidental fires. Practice the escape routine with your family members at least once after the plan has been finalized.

Keeping these small things in mind is important and can save you from a possible fire disaster. However, accidents cannot be prevented, if your property suffers from a major fire, call for a professional restoration service as soon as possible.

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