Frozen Pipe Prevention in San Francisco, CA

Frozen or burst pipes are not uncommon in San Francisco. This is why homeowners need to be careful during winters and holidays to avoid flooding that a frozen pipe might cause. Even a small burst can spill gallons of water and flood an entire home, drenching carpets, ruining furniture, and giving birth to mold and fungus.Preventing this disaster is not very difficult, all you have to do is take some precautions and abide by those. Although, even if you follow and abide by the precautions unfortunate incidents might occur. If that happens, call a water damage restoration company the soonest as delaying the procedure will only cost you more in the long run.

If you reside in Daly CitySan MateoLos Altos, or any other cities near San Francisco, call us today, we have 24/7 emergency service for restoring properties affected by water disasters.

What Types of Pipes Freezes the Most?

  • Pipes that are installed outside the home.
  • Un-insulated pipes.
  • Copper or galvanized steel pipes.
  • Pipes located in uninsulated basements or crawl spaces.

How Can You Prevent Pipes from Freezing?

  • Insulate water supply lines and pipes that are placed in the basement, crawl space, and attics with a dimpled foam. The foaming will protect the pipes from getting too cold.
  • To protect the pipes of your kitchen and bathroom, keep the cabinet doors open to allow proper air circulation around the pipes.
  • During winter, make sure the heater is functioning properly. If the heater keeps the home warm, the chances of frozen pipes might lessen.
  • Allow water to run down the faucets, it will keep the water inside the pipes warm.
  • Seal visible cracks, dents, or holes in the foundation walls and basement floors. Even small holes or hairline cracks can bring in cold air freezing the water pipes.
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