Smoke Odor Removal in San Francisco, CA

If your property has been affected by fire, be it a major or minor one, it is essential to call professionals for removing the smoke and soot after the fire has been tamed and taken care of. Smoke from a fire hazard can contain toxic and corrosive particles that can be harmful to health, it can trigger allergens and even create breathing problems. Hence, removing the odor of the smoke is as much important as putting off the fire.

In AthertonBelmontCupertinoDaly City, and nearby cities in San Francisco, Lyon Restoration have been providing smoke odor removal services for years. Our technicians are trained and certified and provide smoke damage and soot restoration services as well.

Lyon understands the importance of prompt service in case of fire accidents. We have an emergency team who are standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is just a call away or contact us online.

Possible Damages of Smoke

If smoke and soot is not removed, within hours,

  • Walls can get discolored.
  • Metals can tarnish.
  • Appliances can start getting yellow.
  • Wooden furniture can weaken and get discolored.
  • HVAC systems can be affected.
  • Carpets and rugs will absorb the smoke.

Lyon’s Smoke Removal Procedure for San Francisco Properties

  • We will first assess the extent of the smoke damage that has already been done.
  • Record everything with photos or videos for assisting with insurance procedures.
  • Then we will clean residues and eliminate the odor using our powerful HEPA filter vacuums.
  • Lastly, using professional dehumidifiers, we will neutralize the odors from every corner.

Do not let harmful smoke odor linger on your property for too long. Call us right away for preventing long-term damages.

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