Specialty Services in San Francisco, CA

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Lyon Restoration offers specialty services including hoarding cleanup and deodorization services to restore your property back to a safe and healthy living environment. Our experienced team understands that this can be a difficult process for everyone involved. We will do everything we can to put you at ease while ensuring your property is taken care of in a manner that protects the health of our employees as well as the property’s occupants.

Hoarding Cleanup

Trust in Our Professional Team

The hoarding of items or animals in a property can create a very unhealthy and potentially dangerous living environment for the occupants. Hoarding environments are often contaminated, may contain insect or animal infestations, and can have mold or fungal growth. Due to the level of contamination that may be present, extreme caution must be taken to clean up the property and fully clean and decontaminate the area so it is safe for occupation.

We understand that hoarding is a mental disorder and that it can be incredibly difficult for the individual to go through the process of removing the items and cleaning up the property. We are sensitive to their needs and promise to treat them with respect and dignity without any judgement. Our hoarding cleanup services include sorting and processing the items stored in the property. This includes the removal and disposal of debris, donation of items, shredding of documents and recycling, as well as comprehensive cleaning and decontamination services.

Deodorization Services

Stubborn odors can make living or working in your property unbearable. Lyon Restoration provides professional deodorization services that effectively treats and releases odors trapped in your property for fresh, clean, and healthy air.

It can be incredibly difficult to effectively treat and remove odors on your own with just household cleaners. No matter how much you clean, it is nearly impossible to reach every odor-containing particle that is embedded in materials and surfaces throughout the room, including the ceiling. At Lyon Restoration, our trained and experienced odor technicians start from the source – we’ll identify the cause of the odor and employ the most effective methods for deodorization.

Whether you are dealing with odors caused by smoking, cooking, pets, or even an unknown source, Lyon Restoration can help. Stop suffering through bad odors and finally get the help you need to return your property to a pleasant, clean, and healthy environment.

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