San Francisco Ceiling Leak Damage Repair

A leaking ceiling is unpleasant and inconvenient. Imagine resting on your couch after a long tiring only to see drips of water all over you. Not pleasant right? Get your ceiling inspected and repaired in the early stage of damage to avoid a scenario as such. Ceiling leaks are usually not easily detectable, a ceiling will have to endure years of water damages to finally leak pools of water.

Call our trained specialists at Lyon’s Restoration to repair the leaks in your ceilings. We travel to AthertonBelmontCupertinoDaly City, and nearby areas in San Francisco. Want to know more about our services? Click here to contact us online.
Along with restoring leaking ceilings, we repair damaged roofs and windows as well.

Signs of a Leaky Ceiling

1- Look for discoloration, bubbling paints, peeled-off paints.

2- Grossed out by a visible amount of green mold in your ceiling? It is probably caused by a water leak as molds require moisture to breed.

What Can Cause Your Ceiling to Leak?

  • Appliance malfunction on the floor above: If there is a leaky water heater or washing machine that has not been repaired, the continuous leak can damage the floor upstairs which means the ceilings downstairs suffers as well.
  • AC Leaks: The evaporator coils of your air-conditioner might malfunction and start to leak, this can affect your ceiling as well.
  • A damaged roof: The roof is meant to protect the entire house. When the roof gets damaged and seeps water inside your home, all the ceilings and floors of your home will undoubtedly suffer.
  • Plumbing damage: A burst or broken pipe in the floor above will damage the ceiling. Ensure all the water pipes are inspected once a while by professionals to prevent this.

Contact us online if your ceiling is showing visible signs of leaks. We provide 24-hour emergency service in San Francisco.

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