24 Hour Emergency Water Restoration Help in San Francisco, CA

A plumbing failure, an appliance malfunction, or extreme weather can flood your home or office in a blink of an eye. Water damages happen fast and do not give you time to process and think about the next steps straight. In a distressing moment like such, feel free to call Lyon Restoration.

We have been providing 24/7 emergency water restoration service for property owners residing in AthertonBelmontCupertinoDaly City, and nearby cities in San Francisco. Our certified water restoration technicians provide

Reliable Restoration Service in Times of Crisis

When your property is flooded, immediate extraction is necessary to prevent mold growth, as molds tend to grow in less than 48 hours. Moreover, if the standing water sits on the property, it might ruin the carpets, furniture, and other contents which will cost you more dollars in the long run.

At Lyon’s, we understand the importance of water emergencies. We will dispatch our restoration team as soon as we get your call. Upon arrival, our team will assess the type and extent of the damage, as the restoration procedure will depend on those. If the source of the flood is an overflown toilet or a burst pipe, the standing water will be contaminated and will need sanitization, dehumidification, and additional care. On the other hand, if the flooded water is from a burst water supply line, the process will be much simpler. After the inspection process, our team will extract the water, discard contents that are beyond repair, and then deodorize and sterilize the area.

Why Lyon Restoration?

Our certified crew will map out the right action plan and help you return to your normal life as soon as possible.

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