Residential Fire-Types & Restoration in San Francisco, CA

Few things are more devastating to a homeowner than their house consumed by flames. No home is immune to fire. Even in the most well-prepared residential area, fire has the power to destroy nearly everything in its path, leaving few things salvageable.

Regardless of where you live, there are always fire risks. It’s important to know what the most common types of residential fires are in order to understand prevention methods. For fire restoration services in Los Altos, Mountain View, or elsewhere in our service area, contact us online or call (415) 876-6245 for more information.

The Most Common Types of Residential Fires

Kitchen Fires: The stovetop, oven, toaster, electric skillet, microwave, and other appliances, means the kitchen can be a regular site of residential fires. Most of the time, kitchen accidents occur because of an unattended stove or oven.

Smoking Fires: The majority of smoking fires are started by embers that ignite furniture, bedding, or trash cans. Smokers should always be sure cigarettes are extinguished before emptying ashtrays into the trash.

Electrical Fires: This kind of fire can be difficult to predict because it’s usually caused by faulty wiring in older homes.

Lyon Can Help Prevent Fires in the Residential Area

Count on Lyon Restoration for residential fire restoration services. We offer 24/7 emergency service for all customers. We also offer services for wildfire damage, smoke damage, soot damage repair, and fire prevention. Call (415) 876-6245 to talk to our experts. 

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