Water Damage Restoration Process in San Francisco, CA

Water damage can ruin the contents of your property in no time. If your home is flooded with water from a burst pipe, appliance leaks, or other structural issues, you need to act fast and call professionals for an immediate restoration.

Delaying the process might cost you more in the long run as standing water gives birth to mold, rots wooden floorings, and causes structural damages to properties. Call Lyon Restoration if your home is flooded. We are IIRC certified and provide round the clock emergency service.

If you reside in Atherton, Belmont, Cupertino, Daly City, or nearby cities in San Francisco, give us a call.

Lyon’s Restoration Procedure for San Francisco Properties

Our restoration procedure will depend on the severity of the damage. A lot of factors depend on the cleanup procedure. For example, a relatively new home will need less effort from our end, while an aged home might get affected more severely and need extensive restoration.

1- Inspect – Our project manager will assess the extent of the damage done and provide you with a quotation.

2- Extract – Next, we will remove the standing water using state-of-the-art pumps and vacuums.

3- Discard Contents – Some interior contents like, pillows or rugs that are beyond restoration will be discarded.

4- Deodorize – To prevent mold growth, we will dry the flooded area using professional dehumidifiers. As mold and fungus can trigger allergens, our team understands the importance of this step and makes sure every corner of the affected area is moisture-free.

5- Clean – Then we will clean and dry contents that have been partially drenched.

6- Sterilize – Lastly, using air-purifiers we will try to minimize odor issues and sterilize the area

We are licensed and insured and have been operating locally for years. Call us to get your property restored.

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