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Have you ever faced washing machine overflow problems? If yes, then most likely the problem was caused by the level switch or the water inlet valve. If you ever see your washing machine overflow, don’t panic. If you’re living in Atherton, Brisbane, or other CA cities, call Lyon restoration at 650-360-9790 and let them take care of it.

Our experts will examine and see where the problem is and let you know what needs to be done to repair the washing machine. They will tell you the total cost and upon your approval, they’ll fix your washing machine for you!

Washing Machine Overflow Signs

Washing Machine Overflow Signs

Water Level: The first and foremost step is to detect where the problem is originating. Usually, when there is a washing machine overflow, the water usually rises above the normal level and sometimes fills up the whole drum. If that happens, call us and we will detect where the problem lies and start working accordingly.

Checking the Pressure Switch: An important thing we will check is the water level switch, also called the pressure switch. That pressure switch tells the machine to stop at a fixed level of water. If that stops working, there is an overflow.

Checking the Inlet Valve: If the water level switch seemed to be alright, we will check the Inlet valves if there are any problems. This means, even after switching off the machine the problem is persisting, there is an issue with the water inlet valve.

After knowing where the problem lies, experts at Lyon restoration will fix the problem in the most cost-friendly way.

Count on Lyon Restoration for Washing Machine Overflow Services in Cupertino, CA

A washing machine overflow is a major inconvenience inside your house, so make sure to look out for the signs. If you are living in Belmont, Atherton, Cupertino, or other CA cities, and facing this issue or any other water-related issues like- Water pipe break, plumbing leak damage, etc, Lyon Restoration is always here for you.

Call us today at 650-360-9790 or contact us online for washing machine overflow and other services like- wet carpet drying, dehumidification, etc, 24/7 in the areas that we serve.

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