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AC Unit Drain Overflow Clean-Up in San Bruno & Daly City

A very important part of your AC is the small dripping line that is on the outside, known as the condensate drain. The work of the drain is to condensate the evaporator coil of the Air Conditioner. If the line is not kept clean, chances are high that there will be an overflow.

This results in various problems such as mold growth as well as algae that clog the drain from the inner side and raises the humidity indoors, cause bad odors, and of course, cause water damage inside your house.

This is where the expert crew of Lyon restoration comes in handy! If you are living in San Bruno, Daly City, Los Gatos, or other cities inside California, contact us to book an appointment with us today or know about other water damage services that we provide.

Reasons for AC Unit Drain Overflow in Daly City Homes

AC Unit Drain Overflow

A clogged drain line: Clogging of the drain line is one of the most common causes of leakage of water from your AC at your house. When the drain line is clogged with dirt, mold, or sludge, that water backs up into your house.

Mold and other fungi: The most common culprit when it comes to AC drain pan filling with water, is a clogged drainpipe. It is a breeding ground inside the refrigerant pipes and coils for mold, algae, and other fungi. As time passes by, they grow more and more and eventually end up clogging the drain pan.

Cracked drain leaks: Cracked condensate drain pans can also cause an AC unit drain overflow. Due to stress, any accidental impacts, or aging, the drain line can form holes and cracks. Debris or mold that cause clogs can further cause many leaks through the overflowing drain pan.

No matter what the cause is, Lyon Restoration is here to help you out with the best possible solutions.

Count on Lyon Restoration for Preventing AC Unit Drain Overflows in Los Gatos, CA

AC unit drain overflows can be a huge problem if not solved immediately, so please make sure to look for the signs. If you are living in Belmont, Los Gatos, Cupertino, or other CA cities, and facing this issue or water-related issues like - plumbing leak damage, Water pipe break, etc, Lyon Restoration is there for you.

Call us today at 650-360-9790 or contact us online for preventing AC unit drain overflows and other services like dehumidification, 24/7 in the areas that we serve.

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