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Maintaining a high level of cleanliness and disinfection in schools on a consistent basis is an essential component in reducing the risk of infectious disease transmission in educational settings and limiting the spread of germs. Microbes that are capable of causing sickness and/or infection are referred to as pathogens. Microbes that are harmful to humans may take many different forms, including bacteria, viruses, fungus, and parasites.

To keep the students, teachers, and staff safe from such harmful diseases, Lyon Restoration provides complete and effective disinfection services assisted by highly trained experts and crew members for schools in San Francisco, Cupertino, and other cities around the California service area. When you need our service, give us a call at 650-360-9790 or click here to make an appointment today!

Why do Schools Need Professional Assist in Disinfection?

The sad truth is that children and students carry a disproportionately large number of infectious diseases, which makes it difficult for them to attend school and hinders their academic performance. When one of our children is ill, there is a good possibility that it was contracted at school. Because of the following factors, schools are often breeding sites for viral outbreaks:

  • Long amounts of time are spent in close proximity to one another among the students.
  • Immune systems are either immature or impaired.
  • A significant degree of direct physical interaction with communal areas that may host infectious agents

Having a professional like Lyon Restoration can assist in disinfecting the whole perimeter of the school leaving no harmful bacteria or viruses left to attack the fellow students and teachers.

Trust Lyon Restoration for Advanced Disinfection Services

Our disinfection team at Lyon Restoration is highly reliable and responds immediately when needed. We have been providing quality services for many years in various other industries such as Medical Facilities, Multi-Housing Common Area, etc in Los Altos, Mountain View and other regions within the California service area. When you need our assistance, please contact us at 650-360-9790 or click here to schedule an appointment now!


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