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  • Reviewed By: Mike K
  • Location: Boulder Creek,CA
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  • Comment: We were lucky, both that our home wasn't destroyed and that we had the opportunity to work with Nick from Lyon Restorations. He met with us early in the process and remained by our side through several months of protracted and somewhat frustrating negotiations with our insurance provider. Nick's estimate for work scope on his first inspection was in line with what two industrial experts determined months later. He efforts to smooth the negotiations with our insurance provider, working directly with them to explain the scope of work, methods, and charge details was heroic. And just as we were at our wits end he managed to resolve the last open questions with our adjustor so that work could begin. The restoration work went off without an issue, held to schedule and cost, even in a Covid culture. Its been great to work with Lyon. I would recommend them and Nick specifically to anyone needing restoration work.
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